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Wholesale companies are integral to the sales supply chains. Lifestyle Retail Recruiters understands that your industry is complex and focused maintaining working relationships with a variety of retail stores or service companies. Maintaining a well-oiled business model requires the dedication of management, support staff, and other company employees.

At Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, we make it our job to understand what you do in your industry. We specialize in wholesalers for jewelry, apparel, and fashion. Every wholesale company is a little bit different and operates with a unique company culture and structure. After we feel confident we know your company’s needs, we’ll start the process to find candidates who match those needs. From finding creative directors to managers and sales executives, it is our job to make your hiring search seamless and fruitful.

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All candidates that are vetted and recommended by our company pass through a process that includes multi-leveled interviews. This way we can ensure the candidates we bring to you match your qualifications and are ready to engage in the steps needed to become part of your company.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary, entry-level sales recruit or you need to discreetly evaluate a high level executive, we’ve got the tools necessary to make your job as easy as saying yes or no. Our services also include mediating negotiations and ensuring that both parties receive the compensation needed to make the employee-employer partnership worthwhile.

Our wholesale client services include the following:



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