4 Things to Consider When Dressing for a Job Interview

Four Things to Consider When Dressing for a Job Interview

In the professional world, it is crucial to dress for the job. Interviewing presents a particular situation: while you want to convey your personal message, you also need to look professional. The following tips will help you put together an interview outfit that reflects your personality in a professional way.

Know the Company’s Expectations

Do your research on the company and consider their culture and message. Do they prefer business professional or business casual attire? You can read about the differences between the two here. Also keep in mind that creative industries like design or advertising will allow you to be a bit more fashionable, while industries like banking and law usually follow the highest standard of professional dress.

Be Conscious of Color

You certainly don’t want to interview looking like a rainbow, but wearing all black may make you seem too serious. Conservative neutrals like navy and charcoal are perfect, and black is fine if not overdone. Add a splash of color with a scarf, necklace or undershirt, but stay away from bright and loud patterns. This article at AOL Jobs discusses the psychology of colors in the workplace, and can help you choose a color that represents your personal message.

Don’t Overdo the Accessories

Jewelry is allowed, but keep it classy and limited to a few pieces. Handbags and briefcases should be inconspicuous, muted in color, and in very good condition. Shoes should follow the same rule – nothing trendy, loud, or open toed/backless. This article at monster.com highlights a few more work wear no-no’s.

Everything Should Fit

Ensure that every article of clothing you wear fits correctly. You don’t want to convey insecurity by tugging at an ill-fitting blouse. Likewise, pants that are too tight or loose are not professional and give off a negative impression. Everything should be clean and pressed before the big day.

At Lifestyle Retail Recruiters, we’ll make sure you know the job you’re dressing for, so you can interview looking your best. For more tips on dressing for an interview, read What to Wear to A Job Interview at TheLadders.com.

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