Our Process:

Our process is focused on achieving the professional goals for both candidates and clients, creating a win-win scenario for everyone! Regardless of whom we’re working with, our simple process allows us to accomplish this for everyone. By listening to your goals, searching for an answer, and negotiating the terms of the solution, we quickly and effectively meet your needs!


  1. Listening. By listening to both clients and candidates, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. For clients, we can assemble the profile for your ideal candidate, and we help match candidates with potential employers that are searching for them.

  3. Searching. To do this, we conduct interviews with potential candidates, assessing their goals, priorities, and experience. Throughout this process, we refine our search results to best match candidates with clients – and this is only possible because we listened to the goals of both parties before!

  5. Negotiating. Once we’ve found the perfect match, it’s time to create a compensation package that both parties can agree to. We make the process as smooth as possible and follow-up with you to ensure that everything is working according to plan!


LifeStyle Research Group

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